State of the Moorage, 2019
Loren Beach, Moorage Chair

The Club owns a modern all-concrete-dock moorage facility with approx. 150 slips. It is easily one of the newest and best built ones in the NW. We operate a club-owned dredge for two months in mid winter to maintain the depth at a uniform minus-six feet, at zero on the river gauge board. The dredge is operated solely by volunteer members.

Our moorage is normally full with a waiting list. Prospective members should expect a wait of six months up to a year for a slip of their own, depending on boat length.

Any member wanting a PDF copy of the Lists (posted on
the cork board in the hall way at the west end of the clubhouse)
can email the Moorage Chair. Moorage Rates and Rules are posted
in the club house also.

Temporary slips for those on the Waiting List are usually available, as the Club's moorage
rules permit the Club to sublet a temporarily unused slip and
credit the slip rent to the assigned member.

By May we usually start seeing openings around the moorage,
on Walks 1, 2, or 5, from which boats have gone north
for two to four months on vacation.
Members planning on vacation cruises should let the Chair know when
they are leaving and planning to return.

Anyone on the Waiting List wanting a temporary "double fill" slip should contact the Moorage Chair, or one of the Residents.

There are also limited temporary slips available during the winter, when a member's boat
is out for repair or dry storage.

Moorage Application