Shortbread and Crepes Snow White

Cruising Breakfast Selections - Sunday 20 May, 9 am (educational seminar)

For our first RCYC educational event of 2018 let's have a hands-on cooking class featuring Crepes Snow White, Scottish Shortbread and Coffee.

The plan is to meet at 9 am Sunday morning and start with with the shortbread. Once the shortbread is mixed it bakes in a 300 degree oven for 45 minutes which allows us time to make, fill and cook the crepes. With shortbread, crepes and coffee in hand we can share recipes for your favorite cruising dish.

Seating is limited in the sense that there needs to be at least one crepe per person so please do RSVP. Also, please do bring a recipe for your favorite cruising dish (for any meal).

--Ethan VanMatre