Education Program

Sunday 10 March 10 am at the Clubhouse

Sailing Knots

As sailors and boaters we use various lines and depend on attaching those lines with knots. Being able to efficiently tie the correct knot for a specific application is a hallmark of a "Salty Dog", and a worthy goal.

It is intended that this event be lightly structured with an emphasis on helping each other learn to tie common and not so common knots. We will be teaching each other.

We will start out with a brief introduction to line types, tools and such.

The first hour is very beginner friendly. We will focus on the 7 essential knots for sailors outlined in the sail magazine article listed below. We will likely cover other common knots as time allows. This is your chance to get some hands on help tying these knots if you are less familiar tying them than you would like. If you know how to tie them do come by and lend a hand for those who need a little guidance. Bring a 6' or so piece of 3/8" line to practice with. Double Braid is best.

The second portion will focus on tying soft shackles made from AmSteel Blue (Dyneema SK75 HMPE) and tied with a Button Knot. If you want to tie a few soft shackles bring a length of 1/4" or 3/16" Amsteel line. If we have time we will take a look at the Bimini Twist and Worm Knot for fishing.

7 Sailing Knots:

Soft Shackles for Headsails:

Splicing Guide:

Bimini Twist:

Worm Knot: