2005 Commodore Judy Oxborrow

The Beaches and Whitfields had been after us to join Rose City long before we submitted an application for membership. The turning point came in 1993 when Mike and I got a serious case of two-footitis. After becoming frustrated with our boat search to the north, we decided to head south in search of “the boat.” Mike’s cousins offered to let us stay on their boat at the Silvergate Yacht Club in San Diego. They arranged for full guest privileges and use of the Silvergate facilities as our base of operations. We had a wonderful time. Everyone we met made us to feel like family. We came home with more than a new boat. The camaraderie and friendship of the Silvergate membership made a lasting impression upon us. As a result, we applied to join Rose City Yacht Club. And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Rose City has become truly another family. We work together, and we play together. Our do-it-ourselves philosophy encourages the camaraderie and friendships of members. And, that camaraderie and friendship are among Rose City’s greatest strengths.

And, we’ve shown our light in club activities. Rose City is the only club I know that has an dredging program with a sufficient number of trained volunteers to run the dredge seven days a week from November through February. And, this year, when the dredge only ran through November, members were actually disappointed. If all active Rose City members performed the minimal required 12 work hours, that would be a total of about 1900 hours. During 2004, members recorded a total of almost 6,200 work hours. I stress recorded because, as usual, there were many hours not recorded. About 2,300 hours were on the clubhouse remodel. Several members also answered the call for help from the St. Helens Yacht Club and aided in their building project. Young families wanted a youth program, and the members put one together. Some donated their time; others materials and boats. Again, Rose City members let their light shine. We’ve shown this same light on club cruises and ended up recruiting new members

Even though we have an extremely busy year ahead, I expect things to be no different this year. The 2005 committee chairs were easily filled. Members have also stepped forward to work on our breakwater piling project. Others are already planning Opening Day festivities. It is the members of this club that make Rose City what it is and I am honored to be your Commodore for 2005.
We are all “keepers of the light” that is Rose City Yacht Club and to paraphrase a well known commercial “Let’s keep the light burning.”